ver. 1.1 build [070905]
written by R. Gordon of Rocket Studios

Version Updates/Bug Fixes
The ball might get stuck between two walls or blocks, if this happens press the + on the keypad to go to the next room, press - on the keypad to go back a previous room.
Fixed the Disc room where the ball would go off to the right side.

Breakout is a classical game. You have to get rid of all the stones by hitting them with the ball. Breakout has some surprises for you: moving stones, double bats, etc.

Move the bat left and right using the mouse. (The mouse must be inside the window!) Sometimes you can also move the bat up and down and sometimes the bat appears at the top of the window rather than at the bottom (or both!). You can change the direction of the ball by landing it on the correct point on the bat.

Press the C button to clear the scoreboard and press the D button to display it.

Press the Z button to turn on the background music

Press the A button to turn off the background music

Press the S button to save the game

Press the L button to Load a saved game

Press the F4 key to make it windowed or full screen

Press the P key to Pause the game.

The game has a 25 levels. During the game new stones and other surprises appear. To Scroll through through these leves at anytime press the + and - on the keypad

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