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    29 KB Caught my (now ex) sleepin with someone else Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:26:18 No.5530448  
    What's everyone's opinion on this... I dated this girl for two years - we were great together, hardly ever thought - lost our virginities to each other and all that stuff... well after two years she starts treatin me like crap so we decide to take a break but we both work things out and start dating again. Then a few weeks after that we broke up (I'm not really sure why) but we still hung out, went on dates, and I was still gettin laid so I couldn't really complain. I continued to bend over backwards for her and treated her like gold like I did since I met her I loved her to no end... and Today her sister, me, and their mom caught her fucking a boy from school in the woods behind her house. When I saw this I flipped out and beat the hell out of the boy but I'm heart broken. Two years, her & my virginity, all the memories mean nothing I guess. Think she'll try to come back (not that I'd take her back after what she did to me, I just can't ever forgive her for this) or what? The boy is a total loser, has a trac phone, no car, no job, no friends, no nothing. It just hurts so much actually seeing her fuckin him. I have loneliness issues and depression as it is so I'm takin this pretty hard - It's gettin easier as the day goes but Its still in the back of my head from what happened. any ideas/suggestions or anything? I guess I need to move on but from being with that dumb slut for two years and after what has happened to me i dont think i have any self esteem to meet anyone.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:29:32 No.5530484
    /r9k/ can't solve your problems

    sounds to me like she was bored and picked someone who would have no social influence in order to make herself feel better. Women stop liking guys usually because they feel they have nothing in common anymore. She'll do it to you again, don't go back to her unless you want to be hurt. Obviously you bore her

    Also stop posting shit
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:31:43 No.5530517
    You realize there is a /adv/ board for you to bleed about your problems right?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:34:54 No.5530554
    well to be frank you couldnt offer what someone else could. whether it was the chase, money, drive in life. like someone else said it could have been boredom. treating a girl like a princess isnt a guarantee that its gonna last either.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:38:29 No.5530596
    Become acquainted with your left hand.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:41:13 No.5530632
    so you've broken up. no longer together as a dating pair. just friends with benefits.

    she has sex with someone who's not you. i understand that must have hurt a lot. when i found out my ex was fucking someone new i broke my hand by punching my wall which was a dumb thing to do.

    anyways yes it hurts. but you were broken up. no longer together. so it's ok if she fucks someone else, she's allowed to, you two aren't dating anymore. yes it sucks it hurts and maybe she's a bitch for it, but it doesn't matter. she didn't actually do anything wrong.

    and this guy you beat up for having sex with her. he's just a loser who got lucky, it's nothing personal against you. if you were in his position would you be like "sorry i can't have sex with you because you have an ex boyfriend". seriously man you had no right to beat him up.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:42:47 No.5530650
    well when i said i treated her good i didn't mean that i beat on her or did anything stupid like some jerks do - i never laid a hand on her or shit like that but i didn't necessarily treat her like she was god 24/7 either i guess it was a happy medium. The only time we ever fought was when she was being controlling thats actually why we broke up in may, she bitched about me being a vol. firefighter (which i have been all my life) and just bitched about everything under the sun, it was like a super-mega period... but after we decided to take a break and she thought i was messin around with one of my friends (who i wasn't cause she's datin my cousin) she came back... then she left after she found out there was no threat. Its almost like I'm gettin the impression she just wants me to be miserable no matter what or something to that effect.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:43:10 No.5530656
    you're young. not a middle aged faggot going through a divorce

    quickest way to get over a woman is other women
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:43:21 No.5530659

    Kill her then kill yourself
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:45:27 No.5530688
    I'm just looking for advice and words of encouragement about my current sucky ass love life.

    We were friends with benefits for a while during our break up... but now she's all about this douche bag, which with a breakup and everything i mean - hey shit happens. its just all the lying and deception from her that is pissing me off now i think... like tellin me how much she still loves me and wants me and junk and then she's fuckin this guy and datin him and junk.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:47:41 No.5530720
    YEH! This is the relationshit i come to this board for.

    Let's all write 3000 words each on every minute detail of our relationships then we can spend 200 replies talking about all of our complex emotions!

    FUCK YEH! Then we can all post AIM and suck each other's dicks. Go /r9k/! 4chan's home of relationshit!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:49:08 No.5530735
    I would have done that be they done fucked so its too late - its not like i'm keeping her pure (pure as in only fucking one person) lol.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:54:25 No.5530785

    look man i hear that and imma let you finish

    but women are almost all like this to some extent. they are drama machines. you can either learn to not let it hurt you as much. realizing that she's just being a woman and it's natural when shes a bitch.

    or you have to give up on having relationships.

    because women are kinda crazy. they are wild, emotional, cruel, naturally bi-polar, full of deception and drama. very few women overcome their natural behaviors to act normal.

    i know this my sound like some kind of conspiracy theory from some bitter virgin neckbeard or something. but trust me, i didn't believe all women could be like this at first either. but after a couple gf's, and after extensive internet research, you begin to reluctantly realize that it's true. bitches be crazy and it's a sad fact of life.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:56:59 No.5530811
    You sound like an idiot. Why did you beat up the guy when you were mad at the girl?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)01:58:53 No.5530839

    I hear ya and totally agree with you... If I didn't have a fear of being lonely,depression, a high sex drive and if girls didn't have vaginas I probably wouldn't even talk to them.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:02:06 No.5530874
    Cause I'm not a woman beater - plus I've hated the kid for a really long-ass time and this just gave me even more of a reason to whoop up on his ass.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:03:28 No.5530890
    I don't understand why guys beat up guys fucking their girls. If it happened, then your girl wasn't really the girl for you anyways.

    We are supposed to be bros.

    Come on guys, respect eachother for getting that pussy. Don't hate eachother. If I found a guy fucking my girlfriend, I would break up with her, get the guy a beer and be like, lets go find some other hos to fuck.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:08:51 No.5530951

    If its love, you fight for what you love and what you believe in... I've only fought three times in my life, this being the third. You know the saying... Guns don't kill people, husbands who come home early do. Can you honestly say that if you caught your gf (whom your in a serious long-lasting relationship with) or a wife or whatever fucking someone else you wouldn't be pissed off enough kick ass or even have the slightest urge to kick ass? If the answer is no my second question is do you have any testosterone in you at all or just estrogen? =]
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:09:11 No.5530956
    >my virginity

    So what? Your virginity isn't a magical golden idol and whoever you give it to has the key to your heart forever and ever and ever. It's sex (usually horrible awkward finish-in-2-minutes sex). Stop being a fucking pussy. And why did you beat up the guy fucking her? He wasn't doing anything wrong, he was just getting some tail. Your girl was the one who wronged you (although technically you weren't dating).

    Jesus god lord, grow up.
    >> Light Fantastic !4tpqUUGQ4c 09/21/09(Mon)02:11:13 No.5530977
    To be honest anon, you said that your ALREADY getting over her and it's not even been a full day yet, I don't think you love her anymore anyway. Your more likly in love with the IDEA of a relationship with her or something along those lines.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:11:13 No.5530978
    >has a trac phone

    won't pay for minutesblox
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:13:15 No.5531000

    This is a conundrum - you have to beat someone up, but if you're not certain if the other dude knew about you or was just getting some play. My intuition is to beat the girl, because she's the only one who's definitely being malicious, but you can't beat girls, can you? Fuck that noise.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:15:20 No.5531015
    It hurts, yes.
    Am I over her, no.
    Am I trying, yes - I'm trying my hardest.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/09(Mon)02:16:36 No.5531030
    she is a whore, leave her, BTW, he might have nothing, but he does have your girl. get over it, it will take a few years.

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